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About the brand

Leocé Luxury Couture is a fashion brand hailing from the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa. Leocé – pronounced lee-oh-say – is truly a label for women of every age. Our garments can be dressed up for formal occasions and that all-important business meeting, but can also be dressed down for poolside cocktails or a casual dinner.

Initially, we specialised in using only natural fabrics for all our garments. However, during the brainstorming stage of the rebranding process, we decided to shake things up to not miss out on any other exquisite fabrics available – such as beaded lace and luxury fabric blends. While we still focus on natural fabrics, we now incorporate luxury fabrics into some of our collections. With a mixture of premium textiles, every Leocé Luxury Couture exudes the same effortlessly elegant, feminine look and feel that epitomises the brand.

As we’ve expanded, we’ve elevated our garment offerings. From a sole couture focus, we’ve grown to offer luxury sleepwear and kimonos in addition to our existing range of bespoke bridal gowns and evening wear. But we’re not stopping luxury womenswear. Leocé Luxury Couture is also in production with genuine leather handbags. 

Lookbooks are available upon request for all collections. Browse our brand-new looks and products at www.loece.com for further information.

About the designer

George Stander is a South-African born fashion designer and company founder. He started Leocé Luxury Couture in 2017 as a high-end luxury brand and has been fuelling the brand’s success and creativity ever since.  

Before establishing Leocé, George studied Finance Management at the University of Pretoria. The first five years of his professional career were spent as a financial manager, but he always had a calling for the fashion and design world. Leocé was originally launched under the name Geo by George with a Cruise Collection in the fall of 2017, and from here, a spark was ignited. 

George’s ultimate goal for Leocé is to give women a one-stop shop for all aesthetic needs. From bespoke bridal gowns to slow fashion staples and luxury womenswear, Leocé is a brand that celebrates women with timeless style and premium textiles. 

Today, George continues to expand the brand with new products and departments each year, elevating Leocé Luxury Couture and its clients with each step.

Haute Couture

Haute Couture is best described as exclusive, custom-made high-end garments constructed by hand with expertise from start to finish to meet the client’s personal needs.

Leocé Luxury Couture’s mission is to empower women through the medium of excellent fabrics and timeless design. Haute Couture is at the heart of the brand, as nothing gives a more intimate design experience than bespoke garments. We create pieces of textile art to fit your individual specifications and aesthetics, and this specialised service runs adjacent to our RTW collections. 

Within our Haute Couture offerings, we specialise in expert applique and embroidery techniques with beaded lace, luxurious fabrics, and other premium materials. From sumptuous natural silk to one-off pattern cutting, we aim to combine our technical know-how with your visualisations. 

All Leocé couture garments are exclusive to our clients and will forever be one-of-a-kind. We work with you to ensure each piece intrinsically represents your true nature with a blend of distinctive Leocé elegance and leading industry artisan skills. And when completed, you receive a garment that is painstakingly designed and crafted to clothe you and only you. This is Haute Couture you’ll cherish forever.  

Leocé creates powerful confidence and distinctive style, one stitch at a time.  


Sustainable fabrics. Slow fashion. Eco-friendly. Ethical clothing. Luxury wear.

All terms that portray Leocé Luxury Couture’s ready-to-wear collections. Alongside our Haute Couture offerings, we produce premium collections to ensure you have access to styles for everyday life and those memorable moments.

Our ready-to-wear ethos concerns fine fabrics, skilled craftsmanship, and sophistication for every woman. Each collection is created to provide a slice of luxury with every wear. 

Leocé carefully sources the finest UK luxury silks, rich and lush cashmere from Mauritius, and beautiful Chinese wool to ensure all garments are exclusive and high-end. There’s no distance we won’t travel for quality.

Fabric isn’t our only obsession. Leocé prints are exclusively designed by our in-house graphic illustrator and printed directly onto the natural silkto provide an unparalleled garment. Each piece is adorned with delicate embroidery, hand painted buttons, and other top-level finishes for a high-end experience like no other. Our handbags are also locally hand-made from 100% genuine leather. Durability and elegance are always considered for our accessories.

Though we stock standard sizes, we believe in inclusivity for all. We offer an additional custom-made option where clients can send us relevant measurements (template supplied), and we create your garment directly for your body type at no additional cost. No need for post-purchase tailoring here. Only the perfect fit, every time.

Leocé is for everyone. For every body type. For any age. For any event.

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