Everything You Should Know About Silk Pillowcases

About Silk Pillowcases

Have you ever drifted to sleep between silk pillowcases? It’s an experience like no other.

With a luxurious feel, ample benefits to your health, and an overall aesthetic look, silk can take your nighttime routine from great to excellent. Sadly, many overlook the advantages of silk pillowcases for skin and sleep. Today, we want to change this.

We’re on a mission to highlight the endless silk benefits and prove that this fabric can elevate your beauty routine, sleep quality, and overall bedroom style. Scroll down to find out how.

The Numerous Silk Benefits

Silk doesn’t only offer a more comfortable night’s sleep. This miracle fabric also affects your hair, sleep, and skin. It’s a secret beauty tool! 


Frizz is a common morning disturbance for a lot of people. But did you know silk helps to reduce frizz and, therefore, hours spent trying to smooth your hair? 

That’s right. Silk has anti-static properties and is less absorbent than cotton. This means it doesn’t wick away your hair’s moisture, allowing it to absorb more product and remain hydrated overnight. 


Silk’s moisture retention doesn’t just help your tresses. It also helps your skin absorb your skincare products more effectively, leaving you with a plumper and more refreshed look in the AM.

Luxury silk pillowcases also reduce signs of ageing and skin imperfections due to the smoother fibres that don’t mark or catch on your skin. That’s a win in our books!


So, silk pillowcases offer science-backed beauty benefits. But do they actually help with sleep? Yup!

Silk helps to regulate your body’s temperature throughout the night as it’s a more breathable fabric. This lets out excess heat in the summer and retains extra warmth in the winter. Plus, the fabric has an extra smooth finish, making it easier to doze off in comfort.


Finally, the best silk pillowcases offer all the above benefits and look exquisite

Silk is an attractive material and can make your bedroom look and feel extra luxe. Ideal for anyone who wants to catch some beauty sleep in style.

Ready to upgrade your bedroom?

Leocé’s 100% silk pillowcases could be for you. Available in four individual hues, each is designed to keep your interior chic and your sleep divine. Find the pillowcases here.

A Little About Silk

Silk is a “natural protein fibre” from certain insects’ cocoons. 

The most well-known are the mulberry silkworms that are reared for silk production. This age-old process has been honed over the years, and that’s why silk as a fabric is both durable, lustrous, and shiny today. 

Alongside silk pillowcases, silk is used in clothing, parachutes, upholstery, interior design, and even in bicycle tires. Silk is also very popular for sleepwear, such as dressing gowns, nighties, and pyjama sets

How Much Are Silk Pillowcases?

How Much Are Silk Pillowcases

The cost of silk pillowcases ranges depending on style, fabric quality, and the amount you buy.

But purchasing one doesn’t have to affect your savings.

Silk can be found for affordable prices — and if you plan to sleep on it, you only really need one, not the whole set. Leocé’s 100% luxury silk fabric pillowcases are available here.

Final Thoughts

Silk pillowcases are the ultimate addition to any bedroom and nighttime routine. With advantages for hair, skin, sleep, and comfort, they’ll revolutionise how you feel when you wake up — and who doesn’t want to improve their mornings?

Shop Leocé’s 100% silk pillowcases online here to learn more.

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